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Arashi Around Asia '08 Pamphlet Talk [Part 2]


This is the 2nd half of the AAA '08 pamphlet group talk. If you haven't read part 1, go HERE.
In part 2, Ohno finally talks more and you'll see why he's so quiet in part 1. ^^

A TALK [part 2]

-- Would you please talk about each of the parts that's the most memorable to you? Umm...Ohno-kun! Seems like you haven't talked much before?
Jun: (giving advice secretly) You're exposed! You got scolded!
Ohno: ...... (chewing)
Sho: Ohno-kun, right now, likes to eat fruit gummies. (laugh)
Jun: He's addicted to the gummies!
Sho: Right now is gummy time, please wait a bit.
[lol at gummy time! sho really did say "gum time," which is basically when ohno's chewing on gummies.  *imaging arashi eating gummies like little kids. lol.]
(All: roar of laughter)
Aiba: Jyaa, let's start from me! Yeah, for me of course, the evening/twilight was good. With the acoustic corner playing by the side. We could see everything from the start when the sun hadn't set and during dusk. That was really beautiful.
[acoustic corner = live band/orchestra]
Sho: It was beautiful. Somehow, that moment was really overflowing with the true feelings of spending time with the audience together. About concerts, they're normally indoors...although that's the advantage of a concert, you forget how much time has passed by, right? But this time, time passed by along with the songs. It was the time that felt like "Ahh...We're spending the same time with everyone."
Jun: We can feel it, rehearsing from the hot noon, then welcoming the real show. For me, when singing "Subarashiki Sekai," I was looking at the sky the whole time. Of course, I couldn't determine each audience's feelings, but that time, I hoped that everyone would look at the sky with me. Because that's why videos showing the blue sky were added [to let the audience look at the sky and/with arashi at the same time]. That meaning, really thanks to Aiba-san and Nino-san's set list! (laugh) That became a splendid organization, I think.
[i like sho's response about how you can see time passes at an outdoor con, but it's sad to know that the con will eventually end when you can see that it's been a long time since the start...so basically, i don't know what kind of concert i like better, indoors or outdoors...i need to go to one. xD it's pretty clever with the sky video too.]
-- That was the result of thinking hard!
Nino: Yeah. The two of us discussed until around 3 am.
Aiba: That's right! The one we proposed as the last song was accepted and used too!
Nino: I'm glad they used it! (laugh) The part I like is "Re(mark)able" and "truth."
Jun: Once the intro to "truth" started, the audience went "Ooo~!" with commotion and cheers. When I heard that...really, my tension went up!
-- Speaking of "truth," it was the theme song of the drama "Maou." Ohno-san!
(everyone turns their eyes to Ohno)
Sho: Oh! Gummy time is over!
[like ohno is done eating his gummies ^^]
Nino: It's over! Jya, it's about time...for you to comment!
Aiba: The part that Riida likes, tell us!
Ohno: I...like the last part. The last.
Nino: Like I expected, the fountain part? (the most water was used for the fountain during the climax of the concert)
Ohno: On the last day, I was soaked.
Aiba: I was drenched on the first day too.
Sho: It depends on the wind direction that time. I was pretty okay [not that wet] on both days.
Ohno: For me, it was kinda more like a squall. This kind of feel ("Stop~!" pose).
[squall = sudden, violent gust of wind accompanied by rain, kinda like a storm. ohno actually used "squall" or スコール]
Sho: That is...training under a waterfall? He looked like a person after doing that. (laugh)
Aiba:That's right, that's right!
Sho: Somehow, it became pitiful when I watched from the side...(laugh)
Ohno: Sho-kun wasn't wet at all and had a very refreshed face...somehow, in the middle of it, I became really embarassed myself.
Nino: I understand! That feeling, I really understand!
Ohno: It was really like, "That water...isn't it too much?" (laugh)
Jun: That was harsh. While singing "la~lala~" you were getting soaked.
Nino: Moreover, since the water droplets came from high above, they were quite heavy.
Ohno: Yeah, yeah! The water droplets were heavy.
Jun: They made sound [when the droplets hit something]. (laugh)
Nino: La~lala~ (reenacting how they couldn't sing well when hit by water)
(All: roar of laughter)
-- What are the performances and devices that you think will be used for the Asia tour?
Jun: Since the shapes of the venues will be different, I think there'll be a lot of changes.
Nino: Mah...The thing that won't change is something like, "We're here!"
[nino. lol. no duh! all of arashi got to be there for an arashi concert!! oh, and the earlier part where arashi talked about getting soaked is pretty funny too. xD]
(All: roar of laughter)
-- How will everyone's solo be for the Asia tour?
Jun: I will change it. The song will be changed too.
-- Umm...Ohno-san, are you okay?
Jun: (defending the sleepy Ohno) Sorry. Riida was filming until 5:30 am, because this morning, they finished filming for the drama "Maou," right? Wanna eat some more gummies?
Ohno: (suddenly feels refreshed) I want to eat!
Aiba: Hahaha! Let's go with this mood!
Nino: Gummy prince, please be careful and don't choke on gummies.
Ohno:...I'll be careful.
[aww. jun is so nice defending riida. ^^ and riida is just like a kid. xD nino making up a nickname for riida again. lol.]
(All: roar of laughter)
-- (laugh) This fall Arashi stepped into their 10th year. Going on an Asia tour again at this time, please continue that spirit.
Sho: After all, having a concert at Kokuritsu feels like running to approach our 10th year, and our force is getting bigger. Of course, although there were a lot of people who couldn't come, when I saw that so many came to support us, I thought it was really amazing because it wasn't 2 or 3 shows but only 1 gathering so many people. This can be considered a good start. It doesn't represent our determination toward our 10th anniversary, but I really feel complete already.
Jun: That's right. Being able to have an Asia tour again is a very happy thing. I thought of wanting to go, but not of having the chance to go so soon. I think this is already very good, but nothing is better than calling the last time we went as "1st cocnert," which brings out the title's meaning clearly.
Ohno: Is that so? ..."1st" concert, but it was 2 years ago.
Aiba: But the memory of it is really new!
Nino: As I thought, it has only been 2 years, so we can still remember it well.
Sho: It was fun too!
Jun: After all, our group became stronger together after that Asia tour. I'm happy to be able to go again. About going to Taipei and Seoul for the 2nd time, we'll use the same venue in Taipei as last time, but the venue in Seoul will be bigger...Speaking of this, I wonder how our 2nd time will be like. I'm looking forward to it.
-- And, it'll be the 1st time Johnny's arrive at Shanghai.
Aiba: Yeah, we've never been to Shanghai before.
Sho: How will it be like? Before, when I went there prviately, I wasn't recognized at all (laugh), and I felt uneasy. But this summer when I went to Beijing, there were a lot of fans at the airport. Also when I talked with the Japanese people who live in Beijing, they told me, "The people in Beijing will go to the Shanghai concert!" Over there, there were volunteers for the Olympics who talked to me...so I felt like people know us in Beijing. Mah, those people, we don't know whether they'll come to Shanghai though. (laugh)
Nino: Mah, but I truly look forward to it. Although perhaps it's only been 2 years, to Arashi, it's our 10th year after those 2 years. Somehow, at Kokuritsu, when a song started playing, its popularity came out, and thank you everyone for knowing the songs. After feeling the audience's reaction toward the songs, I thought, "Ahh...It's almost been 10 years." It was like that too when we went to Asia for the first time, and I really look forward to the audiences' reactions.
Ohno: The memories of going to Taipei and Seoul last time are still strong, but I wonder if we'll show a different Arashi this time. Since it's our first time in Shanghai, what kind of place will it be like? What kind of reactions will we get? I'm really looking forward to seeing these.
Aiba: For me, after all, it's still a strange feeling. Having a concert at a place with a different language is an amazing thing itself. Until the actual concert, it'll be this kind of feeling to me. Like, "It's strange." Mah, when the real show starts, I become happy and won't think of anything else. (laugh) Besides, the countries welcome in different ways, and I look forward to seeing the differences.
Jun: After all, we learned about a lof of various things from the 1st Asia tour 2 years ago. And, I think that experience really affected our later tour in Japan. This time having an Asia tour after 2 years once again, I look forward to seeing how  the recent Arashi team work will be like.
-- Riida. Lastly, please tie up this talk.
Ohno: Although it's the 1st time going to Shanghai this time, it's the 2nd time for Taipei and Seoul. After all, 2 years ago was the Arashi 2 years before. No matter how the venue will be like, I want to show the Arashi that has experienced 2 more years.
Jun: Yeah. But...Ohno-san. The concluding words, you have to say them!
Sho: That's right. Please say them!
Ohno: Eh...Ahh, that? (formally) No injuries, no accidents! Like showing our growth these 2 years, let's have a good concert! And, let's go back to Japan together with everyone! Ne!!
Aiba: Ya~y! (high-fiving Ohno)
Nino: He said it well~!
All: (clapping) Let's have a good tour!


DONE!! Whew~ It was long but a pleasure to translate.

Johnny-san, please release the Kokuritsu/AAA '08 DVD ASAP! Everyone is waiting for it even though we might go broke. XD

Thanks for reading!
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