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First of all, I would like to welcome our newest addition to the team, 81! Yaaaaaay!!

Anyway, due to the lack of HSJ translation posts.. well translations in general, here's Hikaru and Inoo's part~~ Oh and if you don't remember and wanted to read HS7's part again, jump_daisuki did it . Not sure if she was going to do HSB but.. after reading Hikaru's part, I just had to start translating it! XD XD

Hikaru x Inoo x Yabu LOVE~~~~~~ oh keito's mentioned too so i guess..

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It's been 3 months since the last entry, lol. And this time I'm just dumping this Mei-chan no Shitsuji Ideal Butler Quiz here because I totally forgot about it earlier. I only found the file back recently because it was misplaced in a random folder in my computer. I know this is months overdue, but whatever, have fun with it for those who happen to stumble upon this!

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Aargh. It's been almost a month since the last post, again. *kicks self* My habit of procrastination has gotten worse since it's spreading to areas outside of school work. So, here's another RANDOM and short translation that I finished quite a long time ago but didn't post it up for whatever reason. I figured that I should just do it now while I'm taking a short break from reading during my spring break.

Since the last Hiro article I translated is mostly stuff already known by his fans, I have another short translation with Hiro's responses to 10 questions in vol. 2 autumn 2008 of KOI.MEN. Thanks for your help, krooxy. I hope you like it~

Scans can be found here @ pali_mari.

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Popolo 01.2009 2-Page Arashi Scanlation

いっらしゃいませ !

I noticed that I haven't posted any Arashi translations for a month, but no, I haven't left the fandom. ;__; This time, I only have a 2-page scanlation from the January issue of Popolo, a continuation of the group talk that I translated before, which is actually after these 2 pages in the magazine itself...It's really not that much, so yeah...

Ohno's face is so red...like the apple he's squeezing. XDCollapse )


It's been kinda long since the last post. o__O Haha. I know, this is super random. I'm a new Hiro fan because of Mei-chan no Shitsuji, although I started liking him since Hana Kimi. Anyways, so, I was looking up more info on him, and I thought that maybe I'll start by translating something about his background as a new fan. I think most of the biographical stuff and Mei-chan intro can be found on google, but whatever...I hope you find it a bit interesting if you don't know all this already. ^^;; The first sentence after the headline is already so true for me, LOL. XD

Original article here.

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Wink Up 12.2008 HSJ's Hikaru's Part ONLY


Oops! I forgot to post this up. Once again, its only Hikaru's part because he's my favorite! (Yeah sorry, it must be annoying to only be able to read about one person.) Here's a link to Chinen's part by kenken18 .

Here's the original scan! Anyway the original scan is here and credits to nantokaa(sp?) and ryosukeyamada .. I’m confused on who actually scanned it but I downloaded from nantokaa.. she f-locked the entry by now so you’ll have to friend her if you want the other pages... but I'm not sure if I spelled it correctly..SO... yeah. ahahha... if you want the other scans, just ask.

fun new experience?!!! o___OCollapse )

Duet 01.2009 HSJ's Hikaru's part ONLY


Sorry for the wait and sorry to disappoint, but I only translated Yaotome Hikaru's part. I recently joined a manga scanlation group as a translator and there are way too many pages to translate. Anyway, you'll like this. He's soooooo cute and romantic!! <3

Here's the original scan! credits to Happytown!

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Popolo 01.2009 Arashi Group Talk +


I only translated the Arashi group talk and a tiny column in the January issue of Popolo. I absolutely love the cute and casual photoshoot. Since my old scanner doesn't scan well, I've taken pics of the photoshoot with my camera and added the "scans" toward the bottom of the page in case you're interested in taking a look at them. I might attempt to scanlate the 2 pages before the group talk 'cause there are captions and little blurbs all over those pages. ^^;; Like before, my translation isn't really accurate or word for word, so if you spot any mistakes, please feel free to inform me. Thanks!

Arashi group talk here!Collapse )

Popolo 12.2008 Eco Survey


Hi! Here's just a random little translation about idol's eco activities. I only translated responses of Arashi, KAT-TUN, NEWS, plus Toma. ^^ I don't guarantee good accuracy and perfect wording for this translation, sorry. This is more kinda like a rough translation, and that's why I didn't post to any other LJ comms. Thank you Krooxy and her friend for helping!

Let's be eco!Collapse )


This is the 2nd half of the AAA '08 pamphlet group talk. If you haven't read part 1, go HERE.
In part 2, Ohno finally talks more and you'll see why he's so quiet in part 1. ^^

Ohno was called the prince of...Collapse )



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