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kamiki_crepes's Journal

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This community consists of translations of articles about JE groups and other Japanese artists.
Kamiki Crepes provides translations for everyone to read and be happy.

Arashi articles are mostly by pocco_moco
HSJ articles are mostly by krooxy
81 is now part of our translation team too!

Why do we start each entry with "irrashaimase" or "welcome"?
Here's a simplified version of a chat between Krooxy and Pocco~

Pocco: [The community name makes it] sound like we're opening a store to sell something. Lol.
Krooxy: We are~ We sell translations for free. Loool. XD
Pocco: LOL
Krooxy: We should start every entry with "irashaimase."
Pocco: Haha, good idea!

What's "kamiki"?
Kamikihara-sensei taught both Krooxy and Pocco Japanese for a few years. We appreciate everything that sensei has put in our Japanese class. She has even given us help on our translations, so we'd like to say a big THANK YOU or 本当にありがとう to her.

You don't have to join the community to read the translations since all the entries will be public. But of course, you're more than welcome to join. XD

Please DO NOT steal our translations and claim them as yours. If you'd like to repost them somewhere, please ask us and credit. We do not guarantee 100% accuracy on our translations, espcially since we're not fluent in Japanese. If you spot any mistakes, feel free to inform us. Also, since both of us are busy with school work, we post our translations irregularly whenever we have time, so there might be a long period where we won't update anything. Sorry for making you wait...Most of the times, we don't post the scans. If there's a demand for the scans and Pocco is lucky enough to own that particular magazine (a pretty rare case), she'll try to make an effort in posting the scans. If not, the only thing we can do may just be directing you to where we find the scans.

Looking for something? The index might help.
What are we working on now? Check HERE.

Thank you.

Layout credits to irinafan @ cartonage.

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